close calculate hand desk doing finance and 7085f6ae 0f08 11e7 be49 55692bf38950 300x200 - AccountancyEach year there are a number of compliance issues any business must satisfy. The first of these is the submission to companies house of the annual return.

Secondly HMRC will want to see your accounts and receive the due amount in tax.

We consult with you before and after your year end to understand any issues that are arising and then will set out a mutually suitable timeframe in which to complete your accounts. During this process we arrange to meet and discuss your accounts and gain a fuller understanding of your business.

Many accountants feel that their job is ended by just completing your accounts and giving you the resulting tax bill. At The LowTax Group we think completing the accounts is the boring bit, we like to give you a completed set of accounts and ensure that any tax bill is the lowest you can legally pay.

We consult with you before and after year end to understand any issues that are arising and once we have received your information, we will tell you when to expect your accounts.

After year end we continue to partner with you to better understand your business needs and requirements. We will also follow up to ensure you are happy with our service levels and understand what you would like of us to improve your tailored service.

As you can see, year end is not a one off event for The LowTax Group, we partner with you throughout the year to ensure we make the compliance easy and the tax low.



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