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Free Consultation

As talented as our team is at The LowTax Group, we're not big fans of guess work! Our team like to understand you and what your business needs are. In fact, to partner with you we feel it's important from the outset that you get on with us and feel comfortable working with us. So we want to meet with you and as we want to meet you, we won’t even charge you.

As an added bonus, we’ll be able to give you an insight into the savings we can make you and how you can keep more of what you earn. If you like what you hear then feel free to use the advice.

Call us free today, on 0800 1931400 from a landline or 0333 5771400 from a mobile, to arrange a free consultation.

Fixed Fee Pricing

No one likes a nasty surprise, hidden fees or small print. So we won't do any of that. We simply set out a fee structure at the start of each year for your accounts and stick to that fixed fee. We even make it easy for you by spreading those payments over twelve monthly bite sized costs.

If you want to have a low fixed fee accounting service then CONTACT US now.

Pro-Active Services

We hear from a lot of clients that come to us they only hear from their accountants once a year or that they are forever having to go to their accountant with a problem, the accountant never gets in touch with them.

At The LowTax Group we believe in partnering with you. We contact our clients regularly and arrange to meet up at least twice a year even if everything is going well. We’re on hand to help. We are pro-active in our approach and partner with you to understand your issues, sometimes before they have even come up!

Complimentary Ongoing Support and Advice

Working on a fixed basis for you includes our super team working for you. We're not a legal practice charging you for every letter or each minute on the phone, in fact we don’t charge you at all for a chat, it's all included and we like to hear from you. Our fixed fee, pro-active service means we are on hand whenever you need to answer your queries and provide you with support and advice to resolve your issues.

Strategic Business Analysis to Help You Achieve Your Goals

When it comes time to re-evaluate and make sure you're heading in the right direction, we can provide a wealth of resources to get you on the right path. Whether it is business plans for the bank, valuation for selling or acquisition, planning for staff hire or setting goals for expansion, in fact whatever your plans we can help ensure you have the right information to make the right decision. No longer do you need to take a leap of faith off a cliff, The LowTax Group can help give you impartial advice and analysis so you know the outcome before you make the decision. All of which means you can achieve your goals much quicker and without having to spend as much on doing so.

Pro-active Accounting with on-going support and advice with
strategic business analysis to help you achieve your goals,
whoever you are . . .

Small Businesses • Individuals • Sole Traders
Contractors • Freelancers • Start Ups