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Pay Less Tax

At the LowTax Group, we specialise in helping you keep what you earn. Our Managing Director Richard Bayliss used to work for Inland Revenue and our team are all dedicated tax professionals. Unlike many accounting practices, our focus is on reducing your tax. To do that well, we complete your accounts ensuring that all aspects of the tax code are legally applied in your favour.

Some areas we specialise in include:

Company Tax

We conduct a full tax review of your business and determine the most efficient tax structure for you. Very often such reviews result in considerable tax savings, which show up as real improvements in your bottom line.

As with any other area of taxation, it is essential to be pro-active and plan ahead when dealing with corporation tax.

In this way you can:

  • Minimise your corporation tax liabilities
  • Make the most of any available reliefs, tax losses and deferment opportunities
  • Ensure you meet all your CTSA deadlines and file your returns correctly, thereby avoiding any potential penalties

In addition to helping you with your corporate tax planning we can also represent you in any communication with the tax authorities.

Why take up valuable time and resources dealing with corporation tax when we can do it for you?

Call us free today, on 0800 1931400 from a landline or 0333 5771400 from a mobile, to discuss how we can help you stay ahead of the game in corporate tax planning.

Personal Tax

With tax legislation becoming more and more complex and more emphasis being placed on taxpayers' individual responsibilities, it is vital to seek professional advice if you want to pay the lowest amount of tax and avoid fines for missing deadlines.

We can provide you with expert advice on:

  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Trusts and estates

We are also able to act as your Self Assessment agent, preparing your Self Assessment and submitting it to HM Revenue and Customs. For more information please view here.

High levels of tax make an enormous difference to the amount of money you or your beneficiaries get to retain. With careful planning and forethought, we can guide you around the pitfalls of tax and keep your money where you want it – in the hands of you and your loved ones.

Make sure you take full advantage of the tax saving opportunities open to you - contact us today for a personal tax planning review.

Inheritance Tax

When you have spent a whole lifetime building up your personal wealth, you want to think that upon your death your estate will pass into the hands of your chosen beneficiaries and not into the hands of the taxman.

Yet, all too often, we meet clients who are shocked at how much of their inheritance is taken from them before they even see it. At present, up to 40% of your estate can be taken as tax.

Inheritance tax (IHT) used to be referred to as a 'voluntary tax' for the very wealthy, but with the recent dramatic increases in property values, many more estates have come within the taxman's reach.

There are a number of ways to reduce the potential tax liability on your estate, but they all involve careful planning - often over a long period.

Lifetime gifts, the judicious use of trusts, and careful transfer of agricultural and business property can all help to reduce IHT liability. It is also possible to mitigate potential inheritance tax liabilities by arranging adequate life assurance cover.

We can also help with the drafting and updating of your will and, where appropriate, act as trustees or executors.

Call us free today, on 0800 1931400 from a landline or 0333 5771400 from a mobile, to discuss how we can help you keep your hard earned wealth. Don't leave it too late!

International Tax

Tax in the UK is complex enough, but when working or earning overseas, it is vital to understand what your tax liabilities will be so as not to find yourself racking up fines or worst still, criminal proceedings. At The LowTax Group we have been working with clients with overseas interests for many years. We specialise in European and Australasian clients and we also have experience dealing with clients working all over the world.

Tax issues relating to foreign earnings or residence have a variety of factors that need to be considered. As such, we advise you to contact The LowTax Group directly in order to discuss the specifics of your situation in more detail and get the support and advice you need.

For a free no obligation consultation call us free today, on 0800 1931400 from a landline or 0333 5771400 from a mobile.

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