In these uncertain times we wanted to reach out to all our clients to let you know we are here to offer support and guidance over the coming months.

Health and wellbeing are the most important things right now and so we have made the decision that our team will be working remotely from Monday 23rd March. We will continue to complete your accounts, VAT, payroll and tax returns etc in a timely manner. Fortunately, we have invested in recent months in new hardware and software which enables us to work from home with minimum disruption.

Although we will still be collecting, scanning and distributing the post, we will be unable to receive large amounts of business records in paper format. However, we are able to offer, free of charge, access to the Receipt Bank app and software, which means that you can just take a photo of your invoices, receipts and bank statements and they will be automatically uploaded into our accounting systems. If you and your people are working remotely and/or struggling to keep your records straight then please let us know. We can install a variety of Cloud based solutions to help and if Receipt Bank isn’t appropriate for you, you can scan and email documents to us we can help in posting them into the accounting systems.

We are expecting HMRC to issue further guidance and support and as your registered agent we work closely with them. I expect that we will receive news on “time to pay” arrangements and maybe relaxed filing deadlines and once we hear them we will be letting you know how this affects you. My colleague Jason will be monitoring this and will be in touch directly.

Our service levels may drop slightly as we adapt to the new working arrangements and also to comply with any new “lockdown” rules that may be imposed on us. We will still be able to answer calls, but have had to reduce the operating hours from 10am until 4pm. In addition, as we expect to be having to send out more group emails, we may not have time to refine the lists and you may receive more than one copy of messages. We won’t be having any face to face meetings with clients, but have facility for video calling through all popular channels, including Google and Microsoft apps.

If you need anything let us know. Our business depends on your business and we must all pull together during the next few months.

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