Getting Your Children on the Property Ladder

With house prices increasing on an almost daily basis, taking your first step onto the property ladder is proving to be more difficult than ever. Property ownership is out of reach for many individuals right up into their 30’s and in some cases their early 40’s.

They look to the bank of Mum & Dad.

With a lot of structures involving families and property being occupied by children, there is a wealth of tax issues that can arise, and more often than not, the end results do not match the initial expectations of both the parent and child. Either you are giving your money away to your children, not something you necessarily want to do after years of working hard enough to save it, or they have to pay rent to live in the property. Even then there is the likelihood that when you eventually sell the property, you will have to pay CGT on any gain, and your children are no better off in terms of having a foot on the bottom rung.

Fortunately there is a way around this...

We have formulated a solution that allows you to purchase a second home for your children to use, without any rent having to be paid, without any CGT being payable upon disposal, and that ensures that your money is still your own.

For more information regarding this opportunity, please contact Jason Munro of Lowtax Wealth on 01277 699984 to arrange a consultation and planning meeting.


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